Your planning a destination wedding?  At weddings I love to capture everything from the start until the end, so you have a beautiful reminder how your most wonderful day has been. Of details to atmosphere, but especially the love for each other and for the family. That great memorable time reappears in the form of an wedding album.
And you can say, “This is who we are”.

I love to travel to foreign countries, for instance France, Spain, England, Greece and as one of my favorite Italy, where I spent most of my holidays in my teenage years. I can image you have a great love for a foreign country. If you have a wish to get married abroad and to have it captured in the most beautiful way, I would love to join you.

For destination wedding I photograph 12 hours and more, so everything will be captured perfectly.

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Since I only have a limited number of places, I’m always looking for couples that feel connected!
Have a question or want to know whether I am available for your wedding? Please contact me.

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