About me

Hi! My is Melissa Beckker. My family and friends describe me as a passionate, spontaneous, and creative person. Photography has always been my biggest passion though. My father was a photographer so I’ve always been around cameras growing up, it seemed so natural to me and I believe I was always destined to work in photography. After working in several photography studios, I started my own business Selijn Photography.


How did it all begin?

I’d have to take you back to when my sisters and I were little girls, my father used to be a wedding photographer as well and often used to have us stand around modelling for many hours. As children the general response was “Not again!” Now, many years later, I am very happy with the happy memories he created from the images he captured. Each of us has our own album. It is very valuable to have this as a memory and I’m so thankful my dad taught me the most beautiful profession, being a photographer.

My lovely dad

As a teenager, I would travel with my father to the weddings he was capturing. I would often end up assisting brides with ensuring their dresses were laid out perfectly. I also helped carry the equipment, which was a lot at the time (I’m so happy I’m able to travel lighter now!)
I fell in love with love and watching it evolve in front of me at a wedding with couples before my eyes I knew I wanted to capture this for myself. With such a history working with my father and passion for what he did, I realised my dream and Selijn Photography was created in 2013.

Where does the name Selijn come from? I definitely didn’t want to use my own name. It wasn’t catchy enough, so I came up with Selijn and it’s a combination of the names of my children, Senna and Merlijn.

Moments to capture

For me, Selijn Photography is my passion. The trust I have gained as a photographer over the years is enormous. It is so special and means a lot to me that people want to be photographed by me. I always feel honoured and intensely happy to be a part of the family or wedding day, I get a front row seat to one of the most important days of their lives. The sweet wedding couples, the beautiful families, the pregnancies, and cute babies.

Moments are precious and I’m honoured to be able to capture them for people.

During our initial meeting I like to listen to the stories. How your relationship all started and then romance blossomed. Seeing that passion for each other and for the family is a great drive for me to capture. I like to capture their story in the images I create just as you are.


Travel is a HUGE passion of mine. I’ve visited many countries such as France, England, Spain and my favourite Italy, where I often spent my holidays as a teenager.As a family Italy is very much like a second home to our family.

With such a passion for photography and travel I adore destination weddings. So if you’re looking at marrying abroad I’d love to join you to tell your wedding story. At weddings I like to capture everything from beginning to the end to ensure you have beautiful memories of your most sensational wedding day. From the small details to atmosphere, but above all the love for each other and for your family. The more I’m able to capture, the greater the memories will be in your beautiful wedding album and you’ll say, “This is us!”

Every moment could be the one, see, catch and cherish it.


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