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After Wedding Shoot | Venice

Bruidsfotografie // February 6, 2020

What a wonderful place Venice is, with its beautiful picturesque streets and magnificent buildings, I really like being there. Just had to pinch my arm, that I was invited to photograph the After Wedding Shoot of these newly weds Jeroen & Lisette!
They wanted to be photographed at the nicest spots Venice has. And yes, than you’re in the right place. This time we have alse been to the beautiful colorful island of Burano. As a contrast to the old streets of Venice, this magical bright island was really worth while being there. As the sun once emerged which made it even more colorful than it already was. We had a great time together with Jeroen & Lisette. And I am very happy that I could capture these lovely photos as great memory.
Enjoy this sweet couple during their honeymoon in Venice.

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