Family photo shoot Posbank | Ralf & Ilona Czogallik

This  family photoshoot I have to share with you. I’ll take you back to last September, when it was still warm and pleasant. You could wander around  in a short-sleeved shirt and short pants or even during the day could linger, enjoying the warm sun.
Ilona wanted to do a family shoot of her family. Of course I couldn’t resist her wishes! Ilona totally let me free in my ideas, as long as it was casual. I visualized it to be casual, full of fun and full love. It took some getting the vibe for them but also for me, because I know Ilona Ralf and for a long time! After 10 minutes we were getting the vibe  and it became a lovely shoot. I left their kids Evy & Dex doing their own thing and it became the most casual and loving shoot.
A great photoshoot I love having the most and really proud of!

Have fun watching!

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