Wedding photography Klooster Bethlehem Haren | Ramon & Gaby

This fantastic wedding of Ramon & Gaby at Klooster Bethlehem had everything. It was a  great day full of emotions, love and connection. I’ve met Ramon & Gaby  during our holiday in Italy 2015. We had a connection and Gaby continued to follow my photography through Social Media. A year later, she was asked by Ramon to marry him. Shortly they asked me to photograph their wedding day! I felt so honoured!

The day started early at their home, where Ramon and the boys were busy with the preparations. From there videographer Michael and I left to go to Gaby where she was preparing with the girls. The atmosphere was pleasant, quiet with a little tension there. Loved it!
Ramon surprised Gaby in a Audi R8. As the owner of an Exclusive Audi car company, you could not expect otherwise:) After their First Look it was time for the photo shoot: Ramon took of with the car, it was hard to keep track of the Audi R8! We arrived at the coolest spots around Klooster Bethlehem where they would give their Yes’s.
It was very pleasant weather, so the ceremony was held outside. It was a beautiful and emotional ceremony. After all lovely bests wishes for the couple, I went for some pictures with them, just to have a little time for themselves. After a lovely BBQ, it was time for some dancing! And yeah, they all could dance! Loved it!

It was a marvellous day, I really loved every minute of it! See it your selves, have fun watching!



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