Engagement shoot | Maarten & Anoeshka

loveshoot // September 25, 2018

This engagement shoot  by & Maarten give me even more inspiration to photograph their wedding day! What a wonderful couple! Maarten & Anoeskha were in the mood for some fun, so I was able to do anything. We had initially scheduled the day before the shoot, but because of the drizzly weather we chose for a day later. And it was  a good thing too, we started the shoot f...


Loveshoot Veenendaal Ede | Patrick & Deborah

loveshoot // June 1, 2016

Patrick and Deborah are getting married on 1 July 2016. To let them get used to my way of working, they wanted to do a loveshoot. We met  in  my studio and aftewards we went to the Heath. The couple enjoyed every minute of it. It was wonderful do this loveshoot. I like it!    ...


Loveshoot Ede | Melle & Carolien

loveshoot // April 29, 2016

Soon Melle & Carolien will getting married. A loveshoot shooting is not only fun to do. It is nice to know what you can expect during the actual wedding day. So you get used to my way of working.  How pure love can be, Melle & Carolien just proved it during this loveshoot. ...

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