My photography history Selijn Photography

How did it all began?

Well, my photography history of Selijn Photography began before I was born. Me and two sisters were raised with photography. My father used to be a wedding photographer as well. He also often used us as photo models. With sometimes a response like: Not again! Now many years later, I am very happy with the many images.  Each of us has our own  album. It is very valuable to have this as a memory. Now and than, I still look through it. And I’m so grateful my dad taught me the most beautiful profession, being a photographer.

My lovely dad

As a teenager, I came along with the weddings my father photographed. At the beautiful locations we visited, I helped putting down the wedding dresses properly. I also helped my father carry the equipment, which was a lot at the time!
The love that blossomed even more between the wedding couples was so intense that I wanted to capture that too. Ever since I couldn’t let it go and I wanted to photograph too. So making my own photography history, I was able to realize a dream and I started Selijn Photography in 2013. 

Where does the name Selijn comes from? I definitely didn’t want to use my own name. It wasn’t catchy enough although I am the photographer.  So I came up with Selijn and  it’s a combination of the names of our children, Senna and Merlijn. 

Moments to capture

I don’t see Selijn Photography as my work, but as my passion. The trust I have gained as a photographer over the years is enormous. It is sospecial and means a lot to me that people want to be photographed by me. I always feel honored and intensely happy to be a part of the family or wedding at that time. The sweet wedding couples, the beautiful families, the pregnancies, and cute sweet babies. Every moment is beautiful to capture.
During the acquaintance I like to listen to the stories, how it all started and then see the love blossom again. It’s so wonderful. That passion for each other and for the family is a great drive for me to capture. I like to capture their story in the image just as they are. 


I like to travel, such as to France, England, Spain and my favorite Italy, where I often spent my holiday as a child and teenager. My family has also become attached to this wonderful country.
I can imagine that you also have a preference for a certain country besides your own. If you have the wish to get married abroad and have it photographed, just ask me. At weddings I like to capture everything from the beginning to the end, so that you have a good and beautiful memory of how your most beautiful day has been. From details to atmosphere, but above all the love for each other and for the family. That later that great memory is collected in your beautiful wedding album, and you’ll say: this is us.

Every moment could be the one, see, catch and cherish it.

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