Best of 2018 Wedding Photography

Geeezz! A year passes by very quickly and what a year 2018 was! I had an amazing time with all my couples and their families. The love and trust they gave me was overwhelming. It was such an honor to witness their lovely wedding and capture the love and beauty. I had so much fun capture every moment.

2018 was also Selijn Photography 5th Anniversary! And yet soooo many years more to come. I’ve never ever thought this passion of wedding photography would become a huge part of my life. It”s a true passion, photographing the moments during the wedding. It all started with my dad who was a wedding photographer in the 80’s and 90’s as well. And I’m thankful for passing through his passion to me.

2018 was also a year of winning multiple awards : Bruidsfoto Award, Masters of Wedding Photography NL, Be & Lux, Fearless Photographers . I always dreamed of being on that podium one day and receiving a the Bruidsfoto Award, and I achieved it!! Also the hardest wedding photo competition of the world : Fearless Photography. These days, it’s so hard to receive an award, and I’m so blessed to have won these two!

All is a dream coming true, and I’m living it! If you believe in yourself, you will achieve what ever you dream of.

Thank you for letting me being a part of your loving memory. Thank for your trust, love and support!

Let’s make 2019 sparkle with love and affection, hugs and cuddles.

Just sit down and relax and watch these lovely weddings!

Huge hug,



























































































































































































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